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Board Ups & Winterzation

Abandoned properties are highly susceptible to the natural elements of wind, water and temperature changes. This makes securing them against mother nature just as important as securing them against theft and vandalism.

REO Board Up Services

Our board up service helps to mitigate damage, prevent intrusion and prepare abandoned REO properties for rehabilitation or sale. While it may be unsightly, a board up is sometimes the best option to protect what equity is left in the property.

  • Window Board Up
  • Door Board Up
  • Sunroom & Porch Board Up
  • Interior Room & Staircase Board Up
  • Fence Patching and Board Up

REO Winterization Services

Pennsylvania and New Jersey experience drastic swings in temperature. The average monthly temperature can range from 24 degrees to 86 degrees. Freezing and thawing can cause great damage to pipes, appliances and hot water heaters. Our winterization services will protect your REO property from the effects of winter cold.

  • Shutoff and Secure Main Water Line
  • Drain Hot Water Tank
  • Drain Water Lines
  • Blow Air Through System to Remove All Water
  • Pressure Test System
  • Winterize Toilets
  • Winterize Sinks & Drains
  • Post Winterization Notices on Fixtures and Toilets