Moving, Storage & Lock Changes

Moving & Storage

Once we have been notified of a move-out date our office will respond back to you confirming the date and time. We will also supply you with the required information for the sheriffs department, including the public storage facility location.

We will send a crew of 4-5 employees along with our box truck. They will wait around the corner from the house until the sheriffs notifies them that is safe to proceed.

We come prepared with a full array of moving supplies. We will work with the former mortgager to make the move as smooth and quick as possible.

We are able to handle multiple move-outs in a day. We have 2 box trucks, 1-16ft and 1- 26ft. In the event that we may have more than 2 in one day, we have agreements with Enterprise and Ryder for additional box trucks.

Foreclosure Lock Changes

Changing the locks is an important early step when managing any REO property. A foreclosure lock change is a process by which ALL the existing locks are picked and then removed. The locks and deadbolts are then replaced with keypad systems that can only be accessed by the bank and their real estate agents.