Our Team

Smyth Property Management, LLC is run by a core of individuals with experience in the REO Industry:

Glenn E. Smyth, Sr

Owner with 30 years experience in the Construction Industry and 25 years in the REO Industry.

Amy Katella
Office Manager

Office Manager with 8 years experience in the REO Industry and is familiar with all the different types of billing requirements associated with the various financial institutions.

Glenn E. Smyth, Jr.

Handles inspections and estimating for the Company.  Oversees repair and rehab projects to ensure quality of work and that it is completed in a timely fashion.

Jason George
Field Superintendent

Field Superintendent who has been employed with the company for 17 years. Jason is experienced in all types of preservation and repairs. He is responsible for overseeing all of our crews.

Joseph Caione
Assistant Superintendent

Assistant Superintendent who has been with the company for 8 years.  He manages all of our evictions and is responsible for coordinating moving, storage, and ensuring a smooth transition.  He has a very good reputation with Sheriffs' Departments throughout South Jersey and they frequently recommend our services.

Janet Oddo

Janet has been in the Real estate Industry for over 10 years, working with agents and with REO Contractors.  Her main responsibilities are vendor procurement, product sourcing, permitting, and project submittals.  She also works closely with all of our clients keeping them updated on a weekly schedule on how their projects are proceeding. She will also assist our other team members with job scheduling, estimates, and quality control inspections as needed.